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Amerex Energy Services is the energy and sustainability retail consulting division of Amerex Brokers LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of the global financial and commodity brokerage firm BGC Group, (NASDAQ: BGC). With over four decades in the wholesale energy sector and more than twenty years of retail energy procurement experience, no one knows energy markets like us.

We are unlike any other energy consulting firm. Our unique insights into both wholesale and retail energy markets coupled with our objectivity, flexibility, and creative problem-solving ensure an unparalleled experience and demonstrative results for our customers.

We provide comprehensive guidance to commercial, industrial, governmental, and institutional organizations across North America, aiding them in formulating and executing tailored energy management and sustainability strategies that precisely align with their unique requirements.

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Presently, Amerex stands as one of the largest over-the-counter energy brokerage in the United States, boasting a team of over 80 highly skilled professionals who specialize in power, natural gas, and environmental commodity markets


BGC Group secures majority ownership in the parent company of Amerex through acquisition, GFI.


Amerex acquires Philadelphia-based retail energy broker Energy Choice Solutions.


Amerex acquires leading Texas energy broker CETX Energy Agency.


The GFI Group acquires all of Amerex’s North American assets for $86 million.


Amerex Energy Services was established to capitalize on Amerex’s wholesale energy leadership position by providing advisory services to retail clients. Amerex Energy Services quickly became known for its energy expertise and ability to assist clients across many different industries and of any size, placing it in the upper echelon of energy brokers or consultants.


Amerex Brokers LLC was founded to broker commodities for wholesale clients in the energy industry. Amerex dealt in commodities such as heating oil, gasoline, and fuel oil, quickly establishing itself as a trustworthy resource to provide liquidity and transparency into energy markets.