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Energy Contracts

With unrivaled wholesale and retail energy market expertise, Amerex eliminates the complexity of electricity, natural gas, and renewable energy procurement.

We can tailor solutions for all your organization’s energy needs – from specialist advice on market risk, consumption patterns, supplier evaluation, and product structures, to extensive support with contractual provisions, pricing, and contract execution.

Amerex’s trusted recommendations are based on our deep knowledge of market dynamics, regulatory frameworks, and supplier capabilities. We can help you secure better value energy supply contracts faster.

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Helping You Navigate Deregulated Electricity

Amerex knows electricity.

We understand how electricity is priced from the wholesale level to the retail client and the components that make up that price. We understand the various product structure options available to different client types. We understand the terms and conditions involved in the supply contracts.

We are also familiar with the numerous retail suppliers, and their strengths and weaknesses relative to each client opportunity. We also operate across all deregulated electricity markets, so we understand and appreciate the regional market differences.

In an effort to obtain the most favorable pricing available to our clients, we evaluate all of the quantitative and qualitative factors before making our recommendations and then negotiate on our client’s behalf to achieve the optimum outcome. This extra effort has helped Amerex Energy Services earn a reputation as one of the leading energy consultants and advisors in the industry.

We operate across all deregulated natural gas markets

Our unmatched knowledge of natural gas networks and storage helps us broker the best deal for your organization based on index, basis or fixed price quotes.

We have expertise in all deregulated natural gas markets.

We use our knowledge of gas pipeline networks, logistics, and storage to find the best deals for your organization.

Our world-class  natural gas basis desk allows us to carefully assess all gas options for risk and value. We consider factors such as market and index risk, basis evaluation, swing availability, utility options, and breakeven on gas installations, and pipeline and cogeneration projects. With access to unbiased wholesale price transparency, Amerex can provide real-time information on bid/ask prices at most liquid trading points in North America. This allows us to confidently evaluate and validate the values offered by suppliers in relation to index, basis, or fixed price quotes.

100% renewable energy procurement

Access to 100% renewable energy without the complexity of highly negotiated virtual power purchase agreements (VPPA)

Amerex directly sources advanced-stage, de-risked, well-positioned, and competitively priced utility-scale solar and wind projects that serve as the supply source of renewable energy. These exclusive opportunities that Amerex brings forward are not available through any supplier or other consultant.

In the middle of these transactions is a designated retail energy supplier (the sleeve). The sleeve negotiates all elements of what is a complex, long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), with the project developer. This yields a fixed-price, load-following retail energy supply agreement (like that you are accustomed to executing for power procurement at your sites) but with additional language specifically stating the 100% renewable energy and other attributes associated with this procurement.

We Negotiate Favorable Contract Provisions

Selecting a supplier for your energy needs is only part of the process.

Amerex Energy Services’ comprehensive process includes reviewing and negotiating preferred contract terms from numerous potential retail suppliers. Standard terms and conditions from retail suppliers take many forms, vary widely, tend to work in their favor, often do not provide balanced and bilateral provisions, and can result in an increase in the ultimate price paid. Having negotiated and approved contract forms in place with retail suppliers serves as a starting point for our clients’ internal reviews.

In addition, we assist our clients as a mediator during business term contractual events, including assignments, breaches of usage bandwidth thresholds, material change events, change in law events, force majeure disruptions, and payment disputes. Our team has vast experience in these areas and can also draw upon Amerex’s in-house legal team as needed to help our clients gain leverage and move these issues along more quickly.

Development & Management of a Request for Proposal (RFP)

Amerex Energy Service’s plays a crucial role is assisting our clients with navigating the complex energy markets by managing the Request for Proposal (RFP) process.

The RFP process can be broken down into five key steps:

  1. RFP Preperation
  2. Supplier Identification
  3. Proposal Evaluation
  4. Negotiation Support
  5. Market Insights

The benefit of Amerex handling the RFP process on behalf of our clients is that we only work with top-tier suppliers, and we can provide market insights such as market trends, regulatory updates, and pricing forecasts. This will help ensure that all our clients make well-informed decisions and select the supplier(s) that best meet their requirements.

Advice on All Your Mexico Energy Supply Contracting Needs

The supply of electricity in Mexico has changed.

It has changed from a regulated and government-administered (CFE) monopoly to a free market scheme.

The opening of the market has its benefits and risks. Businesses will now have the ability to enter into contracts to choose which company they buy their energy from. Along with those contracts come decisions in addition to the choice of energy supplier – when to sign a contract, how long to sign a contract for, what pricing structure to choose, what are acceptable contractual terms and conditions, and others.