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Rather than being bystanders, Amerex Energy Services actively engages with our industry. Our commitment to delivering value to clients goes beyond our experienced and passionate team. We actively participate in various organizations that drive advancements in our industry. By staying involved, we continuously enhance our knowledge and contribute to the progress of deregulated markets. Ultimately, this enables us to better serve our clients and assist them in achieving their goals.

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In 2005, Amerex Energy Services was one of eleven founding members of the Texas Electricity Professionals Association, subsequently renamed The Energy Professionals Association (TEPA). TEPA is a non-profit industry association assembled to establish guidelines and standards for conducting business ethically and fairly in a new and rapidly growing industry sector.

TEPA promotes standards and programs to benchmark the industry at the highest levels of training, operational procedures, ethics, and professionalism. TEPA endeavors to promote a vibrant forum for self-regulation and discussion of important issues for the advancement of the industry. An important facet of TEPA is the continued development of working relations with retail suppliers and governmental agencies to promote the continued expansion of competitive markets, while facilitating consumers’ choice in deregulated markets.

The stated goal of TEPA is to establish standards and enhance knowledge of the indirect sales channel industry participants (aggregators, brokers, and consultants) while upholding the integrity of deregulated retail energy markets. Amerex continues to be actively involved with TEPA, and currently holds a seat on the Standards and Compliance Committee.

Amerex Energy Services has been a proud member of the Industrial Energy Credit Association (IECA) since 2015. The IECA is a non-profit association geared towards aiding professionals who are directly or indirectly related to the credit risk function in their respective companies.

The IECA has members in over 15 countries across the globe and hosts educational and networking events in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

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