Amerex Energy Services –

Your Trusted Energy Advisors

Amerex Energy Services specializes in delivering market-leading energy consulting services to commercial, industrial, and municipal organizations. Our key focus lies in energy procurement, with a steadfast commitment to risk management. With decades of extensive industry experience, we ensure our clients derive maximum value from their energy contracts. Additionally, we actively support organizations in their transition towards sustainable energy solutions, enabling them to achieve their environmental goals while optimizing their energy strategies.

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Outcomes Matter

We attentively consider our clients’ needs, objectives, and goals; whether it’s the initial meeting or a subsequent conversation in an established partnership, we develop a tailored solution to fulfill every client’s unique requirements.

Amerex Energy is committed to being a partner and assisting our clients at every stage, addressing even the smallest inquiries and tackling the most intricate challenges in fulfilling your energy procurement requirements.

Actively Monitoring

Energy Markets

One of Amerex’s specialties is actively monitoring energy markets on an ongoing continuous basis to provide advice on capturing target prices and avoiding price risks.

  • In addition, Amerex has best-in-class wholesale brokering teams that see daily real-time, wholesale pricing in all traded power, gas, and renewable energy credit markets.
  • We stay on top of all energy markets to keep our clients apprised of major market movements, and to best serve them in all energy procurement decision making.
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