Energy Procurement

Energy procurement is a complex responsibility for most businesses, and one typically not focused on except when necessary. The core of our business is focused on providing best in class electricity, natural gas and renewable energy procurement services for our clients. With our wholesale energy market access and retail energy experience, we are uniquely qualified to provide exceptional value in an area many take for granted.

Amerex Energy Services works on behalf of our clients to procure the right energy solutions for their business. We guide our clients through every step of the process to meet their specific needs.We assess client goals and objectives, assess market risk, analyze consumption patterns, compile all necessary information, evaluate suppliers, consider product structures, negotiate contractual provisions and pricing, and facilitate contract execution. We ensure that the energy suppliers adhere to our procurement process and principals, and evaluate all suppliers on an apples-to-apples basis to ensure bid submissions are submitted within the specified time window and for the specified component pricing structure, ensuring fair competition.

We do this every day for our clients. This means we are familiar with market dynamics, regulatory frameworks, and supplier capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. When we make a recommendation, you can trust all of the options have been considered and evaluated.

With our services, you’ll have an energy supply contract in a shorter period of time, and your business or institution will be connected with a high quality energy supplier.