Industries We Serve

Our clients vary widely in size, and span many industries and geographies, but share a desire to have an expert aid their energy decisions and reduce their costs. Here are some of the industries Amerex Energy Services is proud to serve:

K-12 and Higher Education
Education is the backbone of this nation, and at Amerex Energy Services we believe in doing our part to help our education sector. We do this by assisting numerous public school districts, private schools, colleges and universities lower their energy costs, which enables them to direct spending elsewhere. As school budgets have been cut in recent years, electricity and natural gas expenses have become more critical than ever. Amerex Energy Services understands how schools can lower costs and manage price risk.

Commercial Real Estate
The commercial real estate sector is competitive and complex. In order to attract and maintain tenants, commercial real estate firms must maintain a low cost supply of electricity and natural gas. Amerex has a long history with and expertise in supporting the needs of this sector. Our clients include property owners, asset managers and property management firms, and they appreciate our knowledge of their industry and experience handling their unique needs. Understanding how to navigate occupancy level changes, occupancy type changes, assignments through asset divestitures or purchases, and contracts with complex legal entities is critical in this space, and areas where Amerex provides ongoing value and service to our commercial real estate clients.

Amerex Energy Services serves the energy needs of many healthcare institutions, including local hospitals, large regional hospital systems, emergency care clinics and long-term care facilities. We also understand the critical nature of electricity and natural gas supply to the operation of these facilities, and have experience in demand response programs which can create a revenue stream without creating power supply risk. With our services, more healthcare funding can be directed to patients rather than energy bills.

Industrial & Manufacturing
Aside from raw materials and labor, energy is often the largest expense for industrial facilities and manufacturing plants. We serve small manufacturing facilities, large national manufacturing corporations and large-scale industrial complexes. Some of these facilities use drastically different amounts of energy at different times, and others usage large amounts of energy on a consistent basis. Amerex works closely with these customers to structure an energy product which yields the desired price along with the appropriate amount of operating flexibility and market risk. Beyond the initial contract structure, Amerex continually monitors the energy markets to assess and optimize our clients' positions, and assists with demand response opportunities.

Multi-Site Retail
Companies operating retail stores focus on their customers, their operations and their products, and not necessarily on energy costs. However, many of them select Amerex Energy Services to focus on their energy needs for them. We serve a wide variety of retail clients ranging from small independent owners or franchisees to large national corporations operating well known brands. Our clients hope to decrease energy consumption and costs and increase profitability, while also gain comfort knowing that the vast amount of data and complexity involved with managing many sites is being handled by experienced experts. Amerex provides ongoing customer service through management of store openings and closings (contract adds and deletes).

Amerex Energy Services is proud to serve small restaurant owners, regional restaurant franchisees, and large national restaurant chains. Restaurants use high quantities of electricity and natural gas, and reducing energy costs can have a significant positive effect on the bottom line profitability of a restaurant operator. In addition to managing the price of energy, Amerex assists restaurants manage energy data and provide customer service through managing new restaurant openings and closures of existing restaurants (contract adds and deletes).