About Us

We’re a little different from most energy consulting firms. Our honesty and integrity, our passion and teamwork, and the transparency we provide into wholesale and retail markets set us apart from the vast number of energy brokers and energy consultants.

Amerex started 35 years ago and over that time has become one of the largest wholesale brokers of electricity and natural gas in the nation. Amerex Energy Services combines this wholesale energy access with our retail energy knowledge in providing advisory services to commercial, industrial, governmental and institutional entities. Whether you manage a small business, a group of retail stores, a university, a hospital or a large industrial manufacturing complex, we can assist you in developing and implementing an energy strategy.

Our number one priority is always the needs of our clients. Amerex Energy Services is not exclusive to any energy supplier. Amerex functions solely as the client's advocate in the ever-changing energy market. We understand that always doing what is in the client’s best interest, without exception, will ultimately provide value and solidify our long term relationship with our clients. By connecting our clients with the appropriate supplier, on the appropriate product structure, at the right price, at the right time, with fair contract provisions, our clients can manage energy price risk and reduce energy costs.

Amerex is recognized for driving innovation in retail energy procurement. We pioneered the first 10 year electricity contract in 2007. We were the first energy broker to utilize the heat rate product outside of Texas, and continue to leverage this product for many of our clients across PJM today. We regularly design and employ unique pricing structures to help our clients achieve the desired balance between flexibility, price and risk. To find out how Amerex Energy Services can help your business, contact us today.