Steve Willett

Vice President, Energy Consulting

Steve Willett joined Amerex Energy Services in 2011 after it acquired Energy Choice Solutions, his independent energy consulting firm. Mr. Willett was retained as Vice President to maintain, manage and develop the expansion of operations in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast markets, working in Amerex’s West Chester, PA office.

Mr. Willett has enjoyed a progressive and successful career over 25 years, and his roles and responsibilities have focused on electricity and energy markets within the commercial and industrial business sectors. As a certified electrical engineer, technical sales representative, regional and national sales manager and business owner, Mr. Willett has developed a breadth and depth of insights and experience about how businesses operate, and how to provide value and excellent customer service to his clients.

Mr. Willett holds a strong belief that many large consumers of electricity and natural gas undervalue energy procurement. His focus is helping them better understand and navigate the ever-changing and volatile energy landscape by developing long term energy procurement and risk management strategies.

Mr. Willett began his career in the UK as an electrical apprentice working for the National Coal Board. He attended Nottingham Trent University to achieve his B.Tech and Class 1 electrical engineering accreditations. Mr. Willett and his family moved to the USA (Philadelphia) in 2002.

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I was born in Nottingham, England

I attended college at Nottingham Trent University

My first job was as a potato picker (I can remember the back aches!)

When I have free time I like to kick back & chill with family and friends

One word I would use to describe myself is passionate

One word my friends would use to describe me is genuine

My favorite thing about working at Amerex is helping our clients to get the most out of the markets

My favorite musician is Mick Hucknall – Simply Red

My favorite movie is The Hangover

My favorite quote is “What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.”

If I could go back in time I would like to meet Thomas Edison

If I won the lottery I would probably take a couple of days off work to let it sink in - Yeah right!!

Coffee or tea? Coffee

Are you a Mac or a PC? Both