Phyllis Anzalone

Vice President, Energy Consulting


Phyllis Anzalone has gained significant expertise through her 22 years’ experience assisting energy buyers in deregulated markets. Performing consulting/risk management/strategy and procurement services, Phyllis is widely recognized by her clients and peers for her focused, client-centric style and passion.

Prior to joining Amerex, in early 2002 Phyllis co-founded and served as Managing Partner of CETX Energy Agency. For eight years she played a significant role in setting the strategic direction, culture, and branding of CETX as a boutique energy consulting firm, focusing on delivering the highest level of representation and service to its clients.

In late 2009, Phyllis joined forces with Amerex through its acquisition of the assets and personnel of CETX. Phyllis began her energy career in 1996 at Enron where she led the initial sales efforts of opening new retail energy markets across the United States. Phyllis was Enron Energy Services’ Top Electric Commodity Producer for 3 years.

Phyllis’ energy experience is considerable and varied. With a previous 17 year background in commercial real estate leasing and management, she is expertly skilled in advising her commercial real estate clients in navigating the nuances of procurement to achieve preferred business terms in an industry that regularly acquires and disposes of assets. Several other examples of Phyllis’ depth of energy proficiency include directing the first successful, non-subsidization aggregation program in the US, the development of the first matrix sales program for small commercial buyers, and directing over 100 governmental entities in setting and implementing customized energy procurement strategies. Since 2002 Phyllis has held an exclusive endorsement from the Texas Retailers Association and received the prestigious Vendor of the Year Award in 2007.

Phyllis graduated summa cum laude from Southeastern Louisiana University in 1979 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Government. She was the recipient of the State of Louisiana Academic Scholarship as well as the Police Jury Association of Louisiana Academic Scholarship. During her college tenure she owned and operated a successful business.


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My friends call me Fifi

I was born in Tokyo, Japan

My first job was picking strawberries on my grandfather’s farm

When I have free time I like to volunteer at a dog adoption center

My day is not complete until I have kissed my husband and my pets

One word I would use to describe myself is resilient

One word my friends would use to describe me is lively

My favorite thing about working at Amerex is my colleagues

My favorite musician is Aretha Franklin

If I had one wish I would wish for good health for my entire family

If I could rid the world of one thing, it would be evil

One modern convenience I could not live without is air conditioning

If I won the lottery I would travel extensively and establish a charitable foundation

My dream vacation spot is South Africa. On my bucket list – to live and work on a wildlife preserve, among elephants for 30-60 days

I strongly believe that what goes round, comes round

Coffee or tea? Tea