RFP Preparation

Amerex Energy Service’s process for our clients includes the development and management of a Request for Proposal (RFP) on their behalf. A well run RFP process will ensure the client gains a competitive price, and all suppliers conform to the same desired and specified standards. While some clients seek our full suite of energy services, others work with Amerex solely to craft a high quality RFP on their behalf to select an energy supplier and secure a competitive electricity or natural gas price.

Because we work in energy markets and with energy suppliers every day, we understand what should go into an RFP to ensure a client gets the best energy supplier to meet their unique needs. An Amerex RFP specifies the timing deadlines, supplier qualifications, product structures, contract lengths and contractual provisions our client requires. Once the energy suppliers respond to the RFP, Amerex ensures they have each met the qualifications and adhered to the specifications of the bid process so that everyone is compared on a level playing field.

Amerex also is qualified and experienced in crafting RFPs for energy consultants. Because we know firsthand what goes into being a valuable energy broker or energy consultant, and because we have responded to many RFPs seeking our services, we are well positioned to assist a client create a high quality RFP that will ensure only high quality consultants are considered and evaluated.

To discover how Amerex Energy Services can manage your RFP needs, contact us today.