Ongoing Risk Management

Some clients don’t need a full suite of energy services, and don’t even need assistance with procurement of their energy contract, but do seek Amerex’s expertise and market knowledge in managing ongoing price positions. One of Amerex’s specialties is actively monitoring energy markets on an ongoing continuous basis to provide advice on capturing target prices and avoiding price risks.

When you engage Amerex for ongoing risk management services, we will watch the energy markets every day so you don’t have to. Amerex will provide position reports and alert you to market opportunities or risks. We do this for natural gas, electricity block prices, heat rates and LMP prices. We also work with our client and their retail supplier to establish soft or hard trigger points to capture prices at predetermined levels.

One additional service Amerex provides which creates significant value and differentiates us from most energy consultants, is validation of supplier price quotes versus wholesale prices. We are uniquely positioned to perform this validation given Amerex’s significant wholesale brokerage activity. This gives our clients the peace of mind to know that when they execute a price hedge, it will be at or near wholesale prices without retailer markup.

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