Producers and end users have commodity supply chain price risk.  Either production is at risk of falling prices or use is at risk of rising prices. A focused financial hedge can offset this risk.  Amerex analyzes the commodity risk, develops a hedge strategy, then executes it in the most cost-effective marketplace; the cleared marketplace reached through the over-the-counter (OTC) and exchange-traded (Globex and ICE) platforms.

Amerex provides value to its clients through professional risk analysis and cost-saving execution.  We favor using the cleared marketplace including OTC and Exchange platforms for execution. The OTC platform was historically available only to large banks and trading firms. Amerex provides this platform to all our clients.  We have documented material cost savings resulting from tighter spreads by using the OTC platform.  By bringing our clients directly into OTC we save them significant hedging expense.

Our depth is our clients’ asset.  With subject-matter-experts and professionals within Amerex and its affiliates numbering in the thousands, we can meet any commodity hedging challenge.

To learn more about our hedging solutions, call Jay Pierce at 281-340-8055, Paul Murray at 281-340-8054 or complete the form below.

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