Data Management & Reporting

Managing energy data can be a daunting task. Consumption data and invoice details across several, hundreds or even thousands of locations can be difficult to capture, and overwhelming to analyze once inventoried. Many clients therefore either choose to do nothing, or invest significant time with manual resources and spreadsheet analyses. Amerex provides its clients the ability to easily collect, categorize and analyze this information via a user friendly online interface.

With this service, your consumption data for every location will be collected on a recurring basis from your utility or retail supplier. Additionally your invoices can be captured so that detail from every line item will be at your fingertips. Once this usage and billing information is captured, it is loaded into an online portal where you can access it for insights into cost and efficiency information. A number of charts and graphing tools exist for benchmarking studies, usage analytics, budgeting and exception identification. The system is incredibly robust yet easy to use.

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