Contract Negotiations

Selecting a supplier for your energy needs is only part of the process. Amerex Energy Service’s comprehensive process for our clients includes review and negotiating contract agreements from numerous potential retail suppliers. While some clients seek our full suite of energy procurement services, others may engage Amerex to negotiate energy supply agreement terms and conditions on their behalf. Standard terms and conditions from retail suppliers take many forms, vary widely and tend to work in their favor and do not always provide balanced and bilateral provisions. This is one reason why Amerex seeks to put negotiated and approved contract forms in place with our retail suppliers. These serve as a starting point for our clients own internal reviews, and we can clearly and effectively explain the terms of an energy contract to clients.

Amerex is well suited to work for your business to negotiate favorable contract provisions. We comb through the details many won’t take the time to or don’t have the knowledge to look for. We work with energy suppliers and their contracts every day, so we have a great deal of familiarity with their documents, and how one differs from others. We know which provisions are slanted in the supplier’s favor and should be made more bilateral for the client. We know which provisions are negotiable and which are likely not. We know which provisions may create an increase in the ultimate price paid. In addition, Amerex assists our clients as a mediator during contractual events, including assignments, breaches of usage bandwidth thresholds, material change events, change in law events, force majeure disruptions and payment disputes. Because of our reach and the number of clients we represent, we help our clients gain leverage and move these issues along more quickly. Our consultants and technical team provide vast experience in these areas, and can also draw upon Amerex’s in house legal team as needed.

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