Our Suppliers

Amerex Energy Services is one of the most trusted independent energy brokers in the nation, and is not exclusive to or owned by any energy supplier. We've developed that reputation working with the most respected energy suppliers in each market. Our clients trust our suppliers because they trust our standards. Our suppliers trust we are representing our clients with honesty, integrity and transparency embedded in everything we do.

Amerex works with the major electricity and natural gas suppliers across all markets, and regional and niche suppliers. Based on DNV KEMA's September 2012 Retailer Landscape, Amerex Energy Services works with each of the top 15 non-residential retail suppliers. No matter what your business's energy needs are, we work hard to connect you with a supplier who meets those needs, whether it is price, a specific product structure, customized terms and conditions, payment provisions, customer service or energy efficiency programs.

Below is a partial list of some of our suppliers. If you would like to know what one of these suppliers can offer your business, or if we work with a supplier not listed below, contact Amerex Energy Services today.