Our Partners

Amerex Energy Services understands the value of focus and partnerships. Some energy consultants attempt to provide a wide multitude of services and struggle to provide the same level of value across each of them. Amerex focuses on its core areas of expertise and utilizes partners in other areas to provide best in class services across the energy spectrum to its clients. Amerex has partnered with some of the leading and most highly respected energy companies throughout the nation. These partnerships help Amerex Energy Services offer excellent value and a multitude of choices to our clients. Some of our partners include the following companies.

Since 2007, Amerex Energy Services has enjoyed a national partnership with ARAMARK to provide an array of energy services to compliment ARAMARK's facilities management services for higher education institutions, school districts, health care institutions, and businesses. Together, ARAMARK and Amerex will offer a broad portfolio of options to help businesses reduce energy use and cost-effectively procure energy resources. Services offered include conducting energy audits, developing energy reduction strategies, negotiating contracts with electricity and natural gas providers, purchasing Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), training facility staff on energy efficiency, and providing ongoing insight into the energy market. “Businesses and institutions nationwide are aggressively working to improve their environmental footprint – for themselves, for their customers, and for their communities,” said Ron Mesaros, Associate Vice President of Technical Services for ARAMARK. “Together, ARAMARK and Amerex can offer these institutions more innovative ways to reduce their energy costs and complement their strategies for sustainability.” Amerex is proud to consider Aramark a valued partner.

In the state of Texas, Amerex Energy Services has partnered with the Texas Retailers Association (TRA), an organization dedicated to promoting the interests of over 1,500 Texas companies and corporations. Membership in the TRA ranges from the independent proprietor to the large multi-national corporation. Amerex Energy Services' partnership with the TRA ensures that department stores, specialty shops, drugstores, grocery chains, discount chains, hardware stores, jewelry shops, and many more retail establishments have access to Amerex Energy Services' energy consultation, risk management, and procurement services. In September 2007, the TRA presented Amerex's CETX division with its prestigious "Supplier of the Year" award in recognition of outstanding service and dedication to providing electricity advisory and related services to its members since 2002.

Agilis Energy has developed patent-pending, smart-meter driven energy analytics applications and a unique system-based approach to assist large commercial and industrial sector companies understand and quantify their energy usage patterns and develop actionable plans to reduce consumption, save money and enhance sustainability. Agilis’ system-based approach incorporating operations, procurement/tariff optimization and capital upgrades/retrofits ensures a holistic cost saving solution fully recognizing key interdependencies. Agilis Energy has used its patent-pending, software-based decision support system at 900 buildings in North America, enabling clients to more thoroughly understand the building’s behavior and make adjustments to enhance the building’s performance and reduce energy consumption. Amerex relies on Agilis to provide these insights for clients who are interested in unlocking the power of their energy consumption information.


Founded in 1979, the American Composites Manufacturer’s Association (ACMA) is the largest trade association in the world representing the composites industry. ACMA provides a seat atthe table for distributors, suppliers and manufacturers of all sizes to gain knowledge, influence and competitive advantage. Our members benefit every day from:
· Regulatory and Legislative Affairs: delivering insights that influence advocacy and    regulation, and guide the direction of our industry.
· Market Growth and Development: promoting innovation, cultivating new markets and    new business opportunities for our members.
· Education and Information: providing educational resources and market intelligence    (including Amerex services) for more informed decision-making and planning.
· Ability to grow your composites business with ACMA.